Hotels Near Mohegan Sun Casino

Hotels Near Mohegan Sun Casino

Traveling around the area that includes Mohegan Sun Casino in central Connecticut, you can choose from hotels in Mohegan, Darien, Norwich, East Haddam, Bristol, Cromwell, and Westport. This article explains the benefits of hotels near Mohegan Sun casino.

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The biggest attraction of Mohegan Sun Casino is the slot machines. They are located in every area of the casino. The other games include blackjack, poker, craps, roulette, baccarat, five-dollars-at-a-time, and video poker. There are also numerous gaming tables for keno, card clubs, and roulette.

Casinos are all built on land that has a number of trees growing. Some areas even have lighthouses. In order to accommodate all the different types of events at Mohegan Sun Casino, the casino has a number of hotels. They have two star hotels that overlook the casino and are close to all the different types of games. These hotels are the Hilton Mohegan Sun Casino and the Sheraton Mohegan Sun Casino.

Each of these hotels overlooks a casino floor. This gives the guests a chance to see everything that the casino has to offer. All of the rooms are large, well-appointed, and provide all of the amenities that one might expect at an expensive hotel.

Nearby, there are a number of lodgings that are close to the casino area. These lodgings include the Holiday Inn, Comfort Inn, InterContinental, and Radisson. These lodgings provide guests with a chance to stay at a great location without having to drive a long distance.

There are also lodging options that are outside of the entire casino area. For instance, there are hotels in Darien that are directly next to the casino. They provide the visitors with many of the same amenities that the hotels that are near the casino do. These lodgings include the Holiday Inn Darien Suites, the Comfort Inn Darien Residence Inn, and the InterContinental Darien Guest Inn.

All of these lodgings have pool tables, TVs, and other facilities that are close to the casino. They are all located within a half mile of the casino. This makes it easier for the guests to get to the casino area, but it is also close enough to the casino that they will not need to use the transportation provided by the casino.

All of the Lodging options near Mohegan Sun Casino are within a short driving distance of the casinos. It is possible to save money by staying at a hotel near the casino. There are a number of motel rooms and bed and breakfast choices that are directly next to the casino that provide the guests with the kind of accommodations that they would get at a good hotel.