You Have Gone Under, Sun Bet You Didn’t

You Have Gone Under, Sun Bet You Didn’t

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You Have Gone Under, Sun Bet You Didn’t

It is really hard to believe that a month has passed since the news broke about the bankruptcy of Mohegan Sun Casino, and yet it is real. Here are some facts about the lawsuit settlement and the future of the company. Let’s start with a simple fact that Sun you have gone under, and if you were a different company that you own, you wouldn’t have a bankruptcy case now.

After all, this is the best business deal in recent history. Starting to recover from the recession? For the number of people who gambled away money at Mohegan Sun Casino is less than the amount gambled in the last year by people in their thirties. What has happened to the flow of cash?

The reason Sun went under is its financial situation. Many of the owners of Sun owe creditors millions of dollars and owe many people thousands of dollars. The company will probably not survive in its current situation.

But let’s look at the future of the company, because that is important. And the future of the company is uncertain, the court, as you know, has rejected the settlement deal of the shareholders and has not heard any more arguments. They are going to hear more arguments and is likely to come back with a decision.

And what about the employees of Sun? They are also going to lose their jobs.

Why was it so hard for the US courts to hear the witness testimony of Sun employees who gave eye-witness testimony against the company? After all, it didn’t matter if Sun was on the road to bankruptcy, and it didn’t matter if the staff was being exploited by management. Ifthe witnesses knew the truth, they would never have testified in the first place.

Maybe that is the reason that the investors and the owners of Sun have not given up, and you can see their commitment in fighting the lawsuit. There are many reasons to think that the case will go in favor of the remaining shareholders, and that Sun will be forced to liquidate.